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Transmedicalism is the belief that being transgender is primarily a medical issue, not primarily a social issue. The basis of transmedicalism is believing that one needs to have gender dysphoria to be transgender.

Is transmedicalism as bad as it seems?

No, there's a popular belief that transmedicalism is against non-binary people, which is mostly untrue[1][2], it depends on the beliefs of the transmed, one may believe in dysphoric non-binaries, while another doesn't believe in it at all

Same could apply to the belief that transmeds believe in gender roles, which is again mostly untrue.[1]

Transmedicalism is not conforming to conservatives or their beliefs, most transmeds are massively against conservativsm/traditionalism.

The basis of transmedicalism is to just believe that one has to have gender dysphoria, that's it. Nothing more than that, anything over that is just pre-individual basis

My exact belief

My transmedicalist belief is the basis of transmedicalism, with an extra requirement, being intention to go on HRT, preferably DIY.

Why DIY?

As an anarchist, I believe that anyone should be able to access any kind of medicine they want, all drugs should be over the counter.

And in most cases, doctors and clinics are using outdated (underdosed estradiol/estorgen, overdosed testosterone blockers/antiandrogens, etc...) [3]

Getting HRT through legal means is supporting the idea that prescriptions should exist and is massively depending on a state or laws to exist.

But why do you believe in transmedicalism?

I'm someone suffering from severe gender dysphoria, and I really need any kind of help for my case, HRT is enough but I want a full cure. The demedicalization of transgenderism is gonna make the possibility of an actual cure much closer to impossible.

I cannot find any kind of self-id argument that I believe in, and I know this is brought up so many times, but stuff like xenogenders make no sense for me either, they're making a conservative joke seem like a reality.

Self-ID arguments cannot hold up to legalize existence of trans people in any way. Infact it could worsen it in so many ways.

But aren't truscums usually annoying shits?

Well, that's massively wrong, BUT if we are talking about Blaire White and Kelly Cadigan type transmeds. Yes! Abso-fucking-lutely! In my opinion they're on the same level as trenders, annoying people trying to get extra special minority points, but difference here is that they're cucks to conservatives. (funny enough one of my nickanmes is Blaire Brown)

I believe that actively going after trenders or people who believe in self-id are massively stupid and annoying and should do something better with their time.

Thanks for coming to my talk :33333


  1. r/truscum wiki (yes, I'm unironically linking a subreddit)
  2. Rationalwiki's article on transmedicalism
  3. A Twitter/X thread, or an archive

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Windows 8.1 is the best Windows version I've ever used in my life, it was my main operating system during 2013-2017, was truly a great operating system that ran flawlessly on my Core 2 Duo machine at the time.

The successor of 8.1, Windows 10, really dipped in quality in my opinion, that thing was much slower.

I'll be talking about both desktop and mobile.


The thing people hate the most about it, the metro UI.

A lot of people criticize Windows 8.1 because of it's Metro UI which was introduced with Windows 8, but I honestly LOVE the Metro UI in Windows 8.1, the start screen is the most customization Windows has ever gotten out of the box.

Windows 8.1 start screen customization

As you can see here, there's a lot of backgrounds to choose from, and you can also change the colors, that's somehow the most Windows ever gotten for customization (if we don't count the Windows 9x UI color changing).

Metro isn't that bad on desktop if you get used to it, but it is the best UI for touch screens as seen in the video below.

Windows 10 and 11 lack a lot of these gestures that make Windows more usable on touch screens, infact I think no desktop OS is this good on touch screens (besdies GNOME).

Though I have to admit, applications themselves are a bit lacking, but they aren't any better on Windows 10 tbh.

It's the best choice for a legacy Windows version

Something most people don't know is that Windows 8.1 is far more optimized than Windows 7, at least according to my own testing, which was done in a virtual machine (QEMU/KVM to be specific), on a Hitachi hard drive I found in trash, results were as following: Windows 8.1 booted 1.5 minutes faster than Windows 7 (30 seconds vs 2 minutes), that was with fast boot off.

Also keep in mind that it's more recent than Windows 7, so more apps support it, it also has a lot of features that Windows 7 didn't have, such as full UEFI suppor, a better version of Bitlocker, NVMe support, and it added the quick access menu (accessible by right clicking the start button).


I won't say much here, I just love the shit out of Windows phone 8.1, it had a great UI, it was GREAT if you had an amoled screen, the keyboard was the best touch keyboard ever AND NOTHING replicated it yet, it was the first operating system ever to introduce swipe typing, the thing was smoooth as fuck even on the low end devices, yes it had a lack of apps, but it was a phone that got shit done.

Windows 10 mobile ruined all of that, it was laggy and choppy, the UI was worse, the keyboard felt fucked for some reason.

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